About Me


I’m Brooke Camilleri Agius (She/Her)

I’m an actor with dyspraxia – a dyspraxiactor if you like, born and raised in Crawley. Famous for its fields, culture and of course Gatwick.  After five years of auditioning and with the help of Open Door I finally got into my dream drama school, Guildford School of Acting. I am nothing if not persistent and determined. It is important to me to be involved in projects that value collaboration and that centres around ‘every voice matters’. Something I am also very keen to explore is my Maltese heritage, and to have fun and play. 

How  did my journey into acting begin? I was a six year old, the size of a two year old, left alone on a 21m wide stage with hundreds of anticipating eyes staring at me. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. I had no idea what to do. Until it hit me. Luckily because it was that festive time of year I was wearing a santa claus hat. I quickly pulled it over my face then back up again. The crowd went mad. A cacophony of laughter filled the auditorium. I mean of course everyone loves peek a boo. As a 6 year old I knew it was an adult’s favourite game. Even Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were doubled over in tears.  And that was it. I fell in love with theatre. I fell in love with making people laugh. With bringing joy to others. And I realised how powerful theatre can be. That a single, tiny person on a stage can have such an enormous impact on others. 

From that day I have made it my aim to create a space for everyone’s voice to be heard, to bring out the joy in everything I do and to commit to every role as a child would do. I love fully immersing myself in a character. For a production of RENT, I self permed my hair everyday for the run using tinfoil. It was glorious and the head of hair and wigs was thrilled by it. However, my hair was less thrilled, more frazzled by the end. Probably didn’t help that my hair was bleached blonde at the time. After the show I had to cut my hair and I went from looking like Merida in Brave to Rapunzel at the end of the film. But I would do the same and have done the same for future roles.

Here’s a picture of that six year old girl still wants to bring joy and laughter to people. Fun fact: I was the only one to have dressed up and to have made a costume from scratch out of my entire year group for World Book Day. She did not care what people thought about her. She only cared about expressing herself and being the Tortoise from Roald Dahl’s book. 

Outside of acting I have led choirs as an assistant musical director. I also enjoy experimenting in baking, walking everywhere I can especially now that I live in London, dancing, painting and learning different accents. I sometimes dabble in a newly introduced love of dungeons and dragons.

Let’s build something together.